Yersinela raymondii

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Krištín A. (ed.): Yersinela raymondii. Orthoptera of Slovakia. [accession date]


This is a non-native species from the Mediterranean region. So far, only three specimens have been found in Slovakia, and these were found in interiors and parks in the city of Bratislava. The first record of this species (female) was in 2021 on building walls and indoors. In 2022, the species was found in ornamental plants on the right bank of the Danube in the area of the capital Bratislava. The northern limit of its range is Slovakia.


There are three isolated records of the species (2F, 1M) known only from the Pannonian region in the extreme southwest of Slovakia. So far, there are no confirmed data on the breeding population.

Occurrence of adults


Red List category and criteria in Slovakia

N/A; not native