Rhacocleis annulata

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Krištín A. (ed.): Rhacocleis annulata. Orthoptera of Slovakia. http://orthoptera.sk/ [accession date]


It is an alien species native to the western Mediterranean. At the northern limit of its range it has been found in artificial and indoor habitats, parks, ornamental gardens and greenhouses. In Slovakia, it is distributed only in the city of Bratislava and its surroundings. The first sightings of this species were in 2018 in the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden. In 2020-2022, regular breeding was confirmed. In its native range, it inhabits leaf litter in deciduous forests and shrubland.


Only five small fragmented populations (up to 20 individuals per site) are known only in the Pannonian area in the extreme southwest of Slovakia.

Occurrence of adults


Red List category and criteria in Slovakia

N/A; not native