Pholidoptera transsylvanica

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Krištín A. (ed.): Pholidoptera transsylvanica. Orthoptera of Slovakia. [accession date]




The main habitats are (like in P. frivaldszkyi or P. fallax) traditionally managed fragments of mountain hay meadows, in hills and mountains (230-1150 masl). When the species co-occur with similar sister species P. aptera, open grassland sites are inhabited by P. transsylvanica, and forests and forest edges by P. aptera. (N limit of its range is Slovakia)


Annex II species, endemic of Carpathian Mts and basins, in Slovakia only in Eastern part of country. There is more abundant than relative P. aptera, but in Slovakia less frequent.

Occurrence of adults

(V) VI-X (XI)

Red List category in Slovakia