Odontopodisma rubripes

For a publication, please cite as follows:
Krištín A. (ed.): Odontopodisma rubripes. Orthoptera of Slovakia. http://orthoptera.sk/ [accession date]





Similar as the sister species O. decipiens, it occupies mainly the habitats dominated by bushes, up to 900 m asl. It is found mainly along forest margins, clearings, also in overgrown steppe-habitats and extensively used grassland with scattered scrub vegetation, like Rubus and young woody species. (N limit of its distribition in Slovakia)


Annex II species distributed only in the easternmost Slovakia with relative high abundance at particular sites, it does not occurre W of Slanské vrchy Mts.

Occurrence of adults

(V) VI-X

Red List category and criteria in Slovakia

VU; B1ac